Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Morning Mood

Come here baby let me nibble on your ear
Pushing your body against the wall I trace your spine with my fingers
Pressing my pelvis against your curvaceous chocolate drums
Grabbing your breasts I can feel your heartbeat thumping
Your breath heavy telling me you want me to make you cum
Turning your body to face me I kiss and lick each and every tattoo as I place my fingers deep inside of you
Feeling your ocean our lip lock tasting your tongue as your cum runs down my palm
Biting your thick bottom lip I smiling seductively
I get onto my knees spreading your thighs and kissing them softly
I taste and lick slowly
Pressing my head deeper in between your lips
I an covered in wetness suckling softly
Your legs tremble and shake with each and every taste

I enjoy the taste of you
Careful not to waste a drop
I indulge in the feeling of your lips against the crevices of my lips
Clit against the tip of my tongue
You moan
I increase the intensity
Your body starts to groove to my tempo
Releasing your pleasures nice..... and........ slow

Friday, November 16, 2018

The best flowers are planted in winter.
Taking the time to recreate, reinvent, and develop to bloom beautifully in Spring.
We often use the winter to relax instead of preparing for the harvest.
Grind time is all the time.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Forgiveness is the way to heal yourself from all that you have done to or allowed to be done to yourself, by yourself and others.

-Iyanla Vanzant

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Self Reflect. I Breathe, I release, and Start Anew

I am nowhere near perfect but I have experienced many things along my journey especially with love and hurt and with that I have had to learn  a few things and I am still learning myself. Searching for who you are as a woman and growing into who you are as a woman is really something.

People that we meet will fall into one of three categories of relationships: Life Giving, Lifetime, and Purposeful. You will learn to decipher as you travel through your journey. Even those whom we don't want to let go of we sometimes have to.

Your growth is reflected when you know deep down that you have let go of your wants or the person you want to work on your flaws. (nobody is perfect but you know when you are not ready)
Pain is weakness leaving the body to develop the strength you need to move forward.
We love, we lose, we hurt,and we rise.
Without experiences we cannot grow.
How else would we learn?

If you cannot give all of yourself to someone why give anything at all. (You have to respect their feelings)
Check yourself and watch how your actions affect others. (If you are hurting them, STOP IT!)
When your actions hurt others maybe it is best to fall back until you can get yourself together,sometimes it is you that need to fix yourself.
Pain should never be inflicted on someone that you love.

Love is not disrespect or letting others disrespect if in fact the love is true and not a camouflage for comfort.
We have to get uncomfortable in order to move through the processes placed before us on our journey.
I can honestly say that I have loved wrong and had to check myself. It can take a large part of your heart to be able to sacrifice knowing what you asked for isn't what you were really ready for.

Give what you want to be given and when you cannot do that, you have to give them to someone who will give them what they deserve.
Sometimes we commit to things because we really want it knowing that we aren't ready for it or need to heal form past hurts. When you are not 100 you can cause an unintentional hurt to someone else.

If  I have ever hurt anyone that was never my intentions. You cannot love another unconditionally if you are a mess.
You can learn the easy way of learn through pain.

Don't ever blame, just learn from the lesson that was taught.

Learn form your mistakes.
Grow through hurt.
Don't let the hard moments eat at you.
Breath to regain energy.
Release the pain, anger, and resistance.
Start anew.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wisdom of the day

We experience different winds throughout our journey. Some of these winds can often knock us down. They knock us down because we try to fight against them rather than flow with each gust. When we fight against the winds we create tornadoes.
Learn to be still.
When you are still your mind becomes open. You can feel your spirit and learn more about yourself and you purpose.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Word

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2
The storm may be rough, just be patient. Trouble does not last always. Pray until something happens.

Monday, December 18, 2017

In My Universe

Often misunderstood as if I am from another universe
Mixed feelings and miscommunication
Wondering if I am just that indifferent that others can never understand my frustrations

Misunderstood as if I am from another universe
My frustrations are silenced
Causing me to pull away
Cast away into my on abyss
Contemplating the results of this or that

Distance caused from miscommunication
Pulling away from what was thought to be bliss
Bliss that turned into this...frustrating ball of mess

Focused on the surface ignoring what's inside
Focused on the outburst ignoring the cause

I fall deeper into my own space
Breaking away from any connection once had
Happiness turned into sorrow
A heart that has become hallow
No longer in tune with the rhythm once had

Needed space for self reflection
Time needed to understand the misconceptions or your perception and thoughts on us.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Complicated and cannot be duplicated. More than my flesh leaving many who haven't realized.... Thirsty

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Kissing, touching, heavy breathing
Grasping and gasping
The room filled with enchantment

Caressing, nibbling, kissing
Penetration, body elevation, closeness

Entangled, slow movements, gyrating, gripping.
Sliding, grabbing, and kissing.

Sweat and climax.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Don't let anyone stop you from achieving your goals. Know that you were placed here to do great things. Only you can ensure that you achieve the goals that are set for yourself. Stay focused and be determined.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Beautiful Black Woman

You may look down on me but I know that I am beautiful
I know that I am strong I have carried many weights on my back without breaking a sweat
My curves delicious and cannot be recreated
My lips; kissable
Skin delicately soft I slay when I walk
I make others envy
I am proud to be black I was created with beauty.

Friday, August 18, 2017



Friday Fantasy

In this moment and time I indulge. The closeness of our bodies feel so good. The feel of your skin against; my body against my hands; so soft. Your nipples hard and supple through the slit of my fingers. I squeeze your fullness as I slowly kiss your neck. Pressing my hips against your ass I slide my hand between your love . Sliding my fingers into your ocean, you begin to grind enjoying the strokes and creating waves. I lick my lips and close my eyes as I give you pleasure. Creating these moments to treasure in our forever.

The Bliss in Your Kiss (Sexy Friday)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yearn for her....

Each night I await her presence
Yearning for her touch, scent, and to taste her lips
We make love in my dreams
My sheets soak up the wetness  from great pleasure
She devours my nectar each time we have an encounter
I orgasm like a fountain to quinch her thirst
With each lick my clit swells from the sensations that pulse throughout my body
As my body rises she pushes me back into the sheets
I scream and I moan wrapping my legs around her head
Her fingers slide into the filling of my chocolate cake
My legs tremble and shake
The sunrises and I awake


Let me open your mind
Matter of fact let me pick your brain
I want to know you better than you know yourself
Your words are intriguing
Conversation entertaining and always full of education
You make learning fun
Time stops for a moment
Well maybe it feels like the time stops for a moment when I'm in your presence
The essence of you
Your strength
Your persistence to be successful
I dig your efforts
Your clothing style; sassy
Hair; flawless, even when you don't think you're looking your best
You don't have to impress me physically
Your mind has caught me
You're nurturing
A woman of many trades and don't even know it
Youre heaven sent; made in Gods image
A great woman and the best mom I've seen


I scare you don't I ?
Afraid of the mystery?
You can't read my mind and it scares you.
Try me, I dare
I dare you to be great
I dare you to taste what you've never tasted
Seduced by my flavor
 Fiesty and spicy
Freak in the bedroom
Sexy with my challenges
Submissive between my thighs
Motivate and educate
I know you want just once chance at a date
Afraid to let me manipulate your mind and enter your heart
You cover your wants with smirks and sarcastic remarks
I can flips through your thoughts like pages in a book
My sexy and attitude slightly has you hook on wonder
Imagination and questions you sit and ponder
I'm not those other women
I hold my own independent determined and eat pussy with precision
Curious ?
Hmmmm decisions decisions

Late night thoughts

She enters deeply
Deep into wetness touching my soul manipulating my mind gripping my thighs providing pleasure although it sometimes turns to pain
Damn it feels so good
Good to be held
Nice to be touched
Intense when I'm grabbed and fucked by her words
her fingers and her tongue
Fucked when she's leaves me and I'm feeling done; depleted but not empty
She enters me deeply
Sliding in my river ; drinking my water
Sucking my lips and playing with my tongue
My words can cut her like a knife
My tongue reminds her how I'm slick out the mouth enjoying the sweet taste of her insides
Her mountains in my mouth I flick my tongue against her rock nipples I caress her softness run my fingers through her hair to remind her that it's okay
It's okay to be vulnerable, needy and freaky with me she will be
Safely wrapped between my thighs and even closer to my heart
That stops when she isn't near
Beats when we are connected like her hands against my ass as she grabs my hips to make me release my milk ......when she gets deep inside
not just inside my thighs but also in my mind

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Someday I will stop yearning for you
I will be able to breath and live freely
Stronger than what I was before
Someday I won't feel as though I still need
Awaken felling empty
One day I will stop looking and hoping that you will see me for me and change your ways
One day I will no longer fill my head with thoughts of you
Mad at myself for letting you become this much apart of me
One day I will be able to look back on this and not be affected by the memories
One day I will be able to look back on this and see the blessing

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


What you tell yourself about yourself, about your life, about your limitations, you will believe. 

-Iyanla Vanzant

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Get Excited About Change

Do not be driven by other people's agenda unless it follows the law of physics

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Today's Love Affirmation

We will walk in love, grace, faith and trust on our journey to love.
-The Poetry Writer

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Everybody you speak your vision to will not always understand it. A Limited mindset can often hinder you. Remove yourself from procrastinating people they will hinder you. If you have a dream and vision understand this; to start on that dream know that you will lose friends who don't understand the vision you're seeking to obtain and turn into reality, you may lose your relationship if they can't handle your hard work to get to the vision. DONT LET THAT STOP YOU! We often stop to appease others and hold on to relationships that hinder our progression. STOP!
It may hurt but you'll be fine because pain develops into strength. It can and will get lonely on your way to the top. Realize that the people who belong in your life will stay. They will stay and encourage you through the long nights, early mornings, sweat, tears, and sacrifices. I know this from experience and I'm still working on my vision. I no longer work around others but I work for myself because only I can get myself to the vision I see.  ✌🏾🎀

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Sometimes it is often hard to see your worth through a heart break but in time things will get better. It may seem as if it won't or even if you cannot go on. However, take time to learn from it and heal. Understand that everything gets better with time. As humans we experience many emotions but it is the tapping into the emotions and understanding them which makes us stronger and better as individuals. Don't stay in a depressed state get up and push. There was a life you had before the heart break. Stay grounded and be optimistic. Open yourself up for growth and the SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN. We have all been there and we have all overcome it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Every aspect of creativity is an elusive subject, intangible, enigmatic, defying the hammer blows of pedantry, the cage of statistics, and the tortuous vivisection of deconstruction.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Turn from your rage !
Do not lose your temper it only leads to harm.
Psalm 37:8

Friday, March 3, 2017

Clean out your closet!!!

Get rid of the negative people that are around you. Negativity does nothing but consume you and you will in turn become negative. When you surround yourself with negativity you cannot get anything positive out of your situation. When you place yourself around a group of positive people, you can grow.
If you have dreams an aspirations you will need to place yourself in an environment that will allow you to conquer those dreams. Positive environments and people are a big part of that!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Forgotten History

The stitches in this cloth represent strength
She made this skirt stitch by stitch
Tied it and dies it
Sitting in a chair or on a dirt floor she uses her hand to stitch what now clothe my brown skinned body
Her hands which were made to be creative
She uses them to hold her child up to her bosom to feed
Bosoms which fed several white children leaving her own to thirst
She uses her hands to hold her loved ones
She used those hands to fight off the white men who chose to enslave her
Hands that were used to hold the basket on top of her head as she walked through the land of Africa with pride in her brown skin
Those hands were used to pull on the chains that were not understood around her neck
Hands given to her by God himself to use when she tied her wrap around her head
Now left to pick cotton
Brown skin she was once proud of is now what she questions
Treated like an animal they looked upon her as a baby factory to create more workers in the field
Hands she was gifted with to clothe her kin was not used to clothed white women and their children and some field workers
Hands used to pick cotton were once used to love and provide affection
Her body now used by white men for their own pleasure her hands are used to wash away the pain and memories of the force

History somehow forgotten
Black women ashamed to wear clothes from their African ancestors
Racist against them trying to separate their identities
History forgotten black women are ashamed to feed their babies from their bosom in public
Bosoms used to feed white children
Black women now displaying there bodies as Jezebels
A name derived from history during the slave period for the black women who were attractive labeled as promiscuous and raped by many

Just throwing a few things out there for those who have forgotten our history

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Freedom from you

You may have hurt me but I am no longer a slave to your world
The scars that's left is only a reminder of what not to accept in my future
Pain fades just as you will in time
I am more than a conqueror
I am fearless and carefree
You're officially an afterthought
I am too strong and too sophisticated to be bought by your lies

Daily Dose of Inspiration

You have to let go of your disappointments, let go of your failures, and let those doors totally close behind you. Step forward, into the future that God has for you, knowing there's nothing you can do about the past disappointments. you cannot change the past, but you can do something about the future.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Daily Push

Do not be dependent upon others to obtain your goals. Be determined to reach them with the belief in God and assurance in yourself that you can do it on your. More often than not we rely on others to help and give us guidance into goals that they won't be a part of and end up disappointed in the end because we did not obtain them.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sometimes I just want to be close to you.
To feel your breath against my neck and your your lips against mine.
I crave the social and physical intimacy.
The social stability and connection that we both want.
Why must we clash when we can bond?
To be everything yet so far away leaves me empty.
Dropped in an abyss that only you can release me from.

The snakes are no longer in the grass
It is only you and I
The walls are down but you haven't crossed over
To be vulnerable and empty is a place of loneliness
Hopeless yet still full of hope
That is me

Daily Dose of Inspiration

When disappointment or rejection knocks you down get back up and go again. We give up too easily on our dreams. We need to understand that just as God supernaturally opens doors sometimes God supernaturally closes doors. And when God closes a door, it's always because he has something better in store. So just because you've come to a dead end, that's not the time to give up. Find a different route and keep pressing forward. the dream in your heart may be bigger than the environment that you're in. Sometimes you have to get out of that environment in order to see your dream fulfilled.

                                                                                                                             -Joel Olsteen

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I am creative. I am talented, I am valuable.
I have a bright future. my best days are still out in front of me.  
Dwelling on negative thoughts about yourself will keep you from becoming all God has created you to be.
-Joel Olsteen

Monday, January 23, 2017

Quote of inspiration

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other;s faults because of your love.

Ephesians 4:2

We must learn to be patient with one another in order to grow in our relationships with family, friends, and spouse's. We cannot expect others to think as we do and act as we do or we will become unhappy and develop an unnecessary resentment. Love conquers all and nothing can be achieved through anger. Develop a positive mindset and positive will come to you. A positive mind is a strong mind.

The devil plays on the idle mind and the negative mind so make a choice regarding the person you would like to be.


I was lost in my misery
Trapped by opinion
Rebellious because of judgement
no more will I cripple my mind to appease another
no more will I sacrifice happiness based on another's opinion
I cannot satisfy another and claim happiness

The chains are broken from caring for others depiction of me
My perception is all that matters
Happiness is found in oneself not in others
 I fought a fight in a battle that wasn't my own
Wanting to fit in where I did not belong

The journey set for me is not for others to approval
My blessing has been made especially for me
My strength is intimidating
My mind is my weapon
His image resides in me
I will no longer open myself up for others created glory for me
I was not placed here to take part in others catastrophe's