Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Self Reflect. I Breathe, I release, and Start Anew

I am nowhere near perfect but I have experienced many things along my journey especially with love and hurt and with that I have had to learn  a few things and I am still learning myself. Searching for who you are as a woman and growing into who you are as a woman is really something.

People that we meet will fall into one of three categories of relationships: Life Giving, Lifetime, and Purposeful. You will learn to decipher as you travel through your journey. Even those whom we don't want to let go of we sometimes have to.

Your growth is reflected when you know deep down that you have let go of your wants or the person you want to work on your flaws. (nobody is perfect but you know when you are not ready)
Pain is weakness leaving the body to develop the strength you need to move forward.
We love, we lose, we hurt,and we rise.
Without experiences we cannot grow.
How else would we learn?

If you cannot give all of yourself to someone why give anything at all. (You have to respect their feelings)
Check yourself and watch how your actions affect others. (If you are hurting them, STOP IT!)
When your actions hurt others maybe it is best to fall back until you can get yourself together,sometimes it is you that need to fix yourself.
Pain should never be inflicted on someone that you love.

Love is not disrespect or letting others disrespect if in fact the love is true and not a camouflage for comfort.
We have to get uncomfortable in order to move through the processes placed before us on our journey.
I can honestly say that I have loved wrong and had to check myself. It can take a large part of your heart to be able to sacrifice knowing what you asked for isn't what you were really ready for.

Give what you want to be given and when you cannot do that, you have to give them to someone who will give them what they deserve.
Sometimes we commit to things because we really want it knowing that we aren't ready for it or need to heal form past hurts. When you are not 100 you can cause an unintentional hurt to someone else.

If  I have ever hurt anyone that was never my intentions. You cannot love another unconditionally if you are a mess.
You can learn the easy way of learn through pain.

Don't ever blame, just learn from the lesson that was taught.

Learn form your mistakes.
Grow through hurt.
Don't let the hard moments eat at you.
Breath to regain energy.
Release the pain, anger, and resistance.
Start anew.

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