Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I scare you don't I ?
Afraid of the mystery?
You can't read my mind and it scares you.
Try me, I dare
I dare you to be great
I dare you to taste what you've never tasted
Seduced by my flavor
 Fiesty and spicy
Freak in the bedroom
Sexy with my challenges
Submissive between my thighs
Motivate and educate
I know you want just once chance at a date
Afraid to let me manipulate your mind and enter your heart
You cover your wants with smirks and sarcastic remarks
I can flips through your thoughts like pages in a book
My sexy and attitude slightly has you hook on wonder
Imagination and questions you sit and ponder
I'm not those other women
I hold my own independent determined and eat pussy with precision
Curious ?
Hmmmm decisions decisions

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