Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Morning Mood

Come here baby let me nibble on your ear
Pushing your body against the wall I trace your spine with my fingers
Pressing my pelvis against your curvaceous chocolate drums
Grabbing your breasts I can feel your heartbeat thumping
Your breath heavy telling me you want me to make you cum
Turning your body to face me I kiss and lick each and every tattoo as I place my fingers deep inside of you
Feeling your ocean our lip lock tasting your tongue as your cum runs down my palm
Biting your thick bottom lip I smiling seductively
I get onto my knees spreading your thighs and kissing them softly
I taste and lick slowly
Pressing my head deeper in between your lips
I an covered in wetness suckling softly
Your legs tremble and shake with each and every taste

I enjoy the taste of you
Careful not to waste a drop
I indulge in the feeling of your lips against the crevices of my lips
Clit against the tip of my tongue
You moan
I increase the intensity
Your body starts to groove to my tempo
Releasing your pleasures nice..... and........ slow

1 comment:

  1. I loved it. I cannot wait to read more from you. Its like you put your reader in the position as though there are there feeling every emotion hat is happening.


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