Monday, December 18, 2017

In My Universe

Often misunderstood as if I am from another universe
Mixed feelings and miscommunication
Wondering if I am just that indifferent that others can never understand my frustrations

Misunderstood as if I am from another universe
My frustrations are silenced
Causing me to pull away
Cast away into my on abyss
Contemplating the results of this or that

Distance caused from miscommunication
Pulling away from what was thought to be bliss
Bliss that turned into this...frustrating ball of mess

Focused on the surface ignoring what's inside
Focused on the outburst ignoring the cause

I fall deeper into my own space
Breaking away from any connection once had
Happiness turned into sorrow
A heart that has become hallow
No longer in tune with the rhythm once had

Needed space for self reflection
Time needed to understand the misconceptions or your perception and thoughts on us.

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