Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Everybody you speak your vision to will not always understand it. A Limited mindset can often hinder you. Remove yourself from procrastinating people they will hinder you. If you have a dream and vision understand this; to start on that dream know that you will lose friends who don't understand the vision you're seeking to obtain and turn into reality, you may lose your relationship if they can't handle your hard work to get to the vision. DONT LET THAT STOP YOU! We often stop to appease others and hold on to relationships that hinder our progression. STOP!
It may hurt but you'll be fine because pain develops into strength. It can and will get lonely on your way to the top. Realize that the people who belong in your life will stay. They will stay and encourage you through the long nights, early mornings, sweat, tears, and sacrifices. I know this from experience and I'm still working on my vision. I no longer work around others but I work for myself because only I can get myself to the vision I see.  ✌🏾🎀

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