Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Late night thoughts

She enters deeply
Deep into wetness touching my soul manipulating my mind gripping my thighs providing pleasure although it sometimes turns to pain
Damn it feels so good
Good to be held
Nice to be touched
Intense when I'm grabbed and fucked by her words
her fingers and her tongue
Fucked when she's leaves me and I'm feeling done; depleted but not empty
She enters me deeply
Sliding in my river ; drinking my water
Sucking my lips and playing with my tongue
My words can cut her like a knife
My tongue reminds her how I'm slick out the mouth enjoying the sweet taste of her insides
Her mountains in my mouth I flick my tongue against her rock nipples I caress her softness run my fingers through her hair to remind her that it's okay
It's okay to be vulnerable, needy and freaky with me she will be
Safely wrapped between my thighs and even closer to my heart
That stops when she isn't near
Beats when we are connected like her hands against my ass as she grabs my hips to make me release my milk ......when she gets deep inside
not just inside my thighs but also in my mind

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