Monday, February 27, 2017

Forgotten History

The stitches in this cloth represent strength
She made this skirt stitch by stitch
Tied it and dies it
Sitting in a chair or on a dirt floor she uses her hand to stitch what now clothe my brown skinned body
Her hands which were made to be creative
She uses them to hold her child up to her bosom to feed
Bosoms which fed several white children leaving her own to thirst
She uses her hands to hold her loved ones
She used those hands to fight off the white men who chose to enslave her
Hands that were used to hold the basket on top of her head as she walked through the land of Africa with pride in her brown skin
Those hands were used to pull on the chains that were not understood around her neck
Hands given to her by God himself to use when she tied her wrap around her head
Now left to pick cotton
Brown skin she was once proud of is now what she questions
Treated like an animal they looked upon her as a baby factory to create more workers in the field
Hands she was gifted with to clothe her kin was not used to clothed white women and their children and some field workers
Hands used to pick cotton were once used to love and provide affection
Her body now used by white men for their own pleasure her hands are used to wash away the pain and memories of the force

History somehow forgotten
Black women ashamed to wear clothes from their African ancestors
Racist against them trying to separate their identities
History forgotten black women are ashamed to feed their babies from their bosom in public
Bosoms used to feed white children
Black women now displaying there bodies as Jezebels
A name derived from history during the slave period for the black women who were attractive labeled as promiscuous and raped by many

Just throwing a few things out there for those who have forgotten our history

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