Monday, September 19, 2016

Free yourself from Settling and from Unnecessary Stress

We only live life once and because life is a one time journey and pass so quickly in time we must not waste it. 
We often waste our lives because we let the small stuff get us down, complain about what we don't have and wallow in depression. 
Life is a journey and we are here for a purpose. We must not settle in unhealthy relationships, hold grudges against others, and we must learn to appreciate those who are loyal and surround us. 
Tomorrow is not promised and often times the reality of this phrase hits us when its too late. It touches us when we have loss that loved one who we did not hug enough, call enough and forgot about because we were living our own lives and one day we awaken to find out they are no longer living. 

Love yourself more than the world does.

Don't chase after anyone who does not want to stay and stand by your side. 

No  one will love you like God does but don't settle for anyone who makes you forget that we are here for a spiritual purpose and make you feel as though you are less than you are worth. 

Tell those close to you that you love them, text, call, visit or find a way to communicate with them to tell them things while they are here and not waiting to say things to them when they are only here in spirit. 

Be generous and kind to others.

Don't dwell on the mistakes that you make a long the way just learn from them and become better at whatever it may have been. 

Surround yourself with those who will be with you through turmoil and happiness and when you get it keep a tight hold onto those people. 

Don't hold on to anger and stress it will take days off of your life. 

Wake up happy don't go to bed upset or with stress on your chest apologize, give it to God, let it go and be at peace with it. 

Love yourself ,love others, and form unity with others.  

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