Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why is it that in today's world that it seems as though we no longer care for one another?
We will see someone enduring harm and refuse to help, technology has been great but yet also a curse because many will record violence rather than stop it. There seems to be no more common courtesy and placing others before yourself even in situations a little as stopping for a pedestrian.There are very few young gentlemen who will hold a door for a lady or open a car door. What happen to loving one another?
Teachers use to care about teaching the students rather then counting down the time to dismissal. Teachers are no longer passing children because they've learned the fundamentals instead they are letting them fail or passing them on to the next grade to avoid dealing with them a second school year.

What happened to the parents who were helping and participating within the schools to ensure that the teachers had backup in what they were trying to instill in the student? It seems as though the parents of today are more concerned with getting the child out of the house for a few hours rather than ensuring that the child is going to school and learning in order to become successful in the future. There have been parents who are quicker to go to the school and fight a teacher for correcting their child instead of correcting their child and reassuring the teacher the the student will display better behavior.

In order to effect change we must start to change and learn to care about more than ourselves than living up to the Hollywood and Reality TV standards.

Families are no longer unified. There are no longer dinner table discussions and doing homework together. Instead there are more people eating while watching television, no longer discussing the events of the day, and parents cant account for where their children are or even no who they are socializing with. This needs to change. Life starts at home, respect is learned from the principles and values set in the home. Discipline starts in the home.

History is no longer being taught and racism has began to evolve and cause separations and divisions instead of all becoming united as one in order to become a better society.

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