Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Good bye

Clear head no feelings I'm just  numb.
Numb to the game playing, beautiful lies and to your manipulation
For a minute I started contemplating thinking it was me
Couldn't have been me because i am the epitome of a woman and not a little girl 
I take responsibility and place it on another to make them feel guilt 
 I will admit for a minute you had me illin  
Realization finally set in, that this was something that truly had to end
You can love and just be friends

It wasn’t a mistake it was lesson learned
I did like Usher said and “let it burn”.
I was dedicated; that's something that I will admit.
 For me this is not a loss it  was an added benefit
In fact a stepping stone 
Another lesson that took place in my journey
My love is deep and I stayed true
Too bad your insecurities got the best of you  
Some call you crazy and tell me to run as far as I can
Even though it is over I completely understand that not everyone can handle the responsibility of another’s heart being placed in their hands.

So hear hear cheer to the what your nay sayers have said!
 Letting others opinions have left you in a lonely bed. 

Some people want love but can’t handle love. Relationships require dedication no game playing and manipulating. 

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