Monday, September 26, 2016


You're like a vulture seeking to find a heart to sink your teeth into.
Closed minded to opportunities and adding to you karma.
A motherless daughter
A heartless human being
If it isn't about you, you're unheard and unseen.
So close to your heart that it scared you.
Silence on my lips
Scars sown
This heart you no longer have a hold on
Time wasted not quite
I see your moves before you do
Try to play me like a fiddle but never seem to change the riddle.
Sweet on the exterior sour on the inside.
False representation
I can see your truths so you're no longer a temptation
I will  take change from this dollar and wait for a bigger denomination

Great things come to those who wait
What one doesn't cherish another will
Diamond in the rough soon to be shined

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