Monday, September 26, 2016

The Movement

They marched and they sacrificed to gain equality
Lives loss and many slain to fight and deliver us from injustice.
Slain by the hands of another race.
Their faces remain a memory in our history.
Today  we shame them in the many ways that we behave as if we've arrived when the war had never ceased. Looking for freedom and have become demolished in the chaos of injustices and unfair treatment. Deaths that have gone without justice.
To stand against the injustice we must unite and reform as we stand against this storm. together our blood becomes thicker.
We are like the Israelites against the Pharaoh we must not stray from the words of our father we are not only fighting for our justice but the justice of our daughters.
A mother has been left to weep over the countless slaughter.
Without a unity the future is grim we must pull together to develop and evolve our strengths against the evil in front of us because we all bleed red and deserve equality and justice.    

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