Monday, June 13, 2016


We must come together and unit
Stop judging and abusing
Striking and shooting
Love thy neighbor and lend a help and hand
What happen to the good old days when we fought with words and not our hands?
Apathetic for those feel with hate
Sympathetic for those abused by words and physical hate

Worried for my children growing up in this world
The teachers no longer care for out little boys and girls
Chester is peaking around the corners waiting for us to slip in our supervision to grab our children and them unaware  of his intentions
Missing, slain, and abused are the words that I often hear in the media
Living in a democracy in the un-united states
United on a map but segregated on paper

Families torn apart
Children with loss of respect
Bias among many

What happen to the American dream
What happen to freedom

When will we wake up and stick together?

So many have become their own genocide adding to the number of homicides
Instead of finding a solution most become the problem
Protesting without responsibility has become the norm
Where is the reform?

Gaining knowledge to only misuse it is useless
Teach and instruct
Those without knowledge will only self destruct and interrupt a revolution

Use your brains and vote for change
Stop spending your time living in others world of fame
Chasing after the cars and the chains
Learn to start your own trend called "making a change"
If you sit and do nothing can you can complain about nothing
We came here with nothing to lead a journey and become something

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