Thursday, June 16, 2016


When you really love someone your entire world changes.
Everything that you wouldn't do in previous relationships suddenly is done for the new love of your life without hesitation.
You reach more for that person than you have any other.
Despite how much they may upset you even if you were right you decide to apologize just to resolve the issue and love again.
It is funny how long can really turn your world upside down and open your mind to growing as a person.
Love without limits and grow with someone who is worth growing with.
Someone that is worth growing with will be someone who will walk with you spiritually, mentally and physically.
They will lift you up when you are down, assist you with finding your strengths.
They will be your confidant who never judges you. The person who will embarrass themselves for you because their love has no limits and will love you unconditionally.
A soul mate, a friend is what is found in a love that is bound between you and that person.

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