Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The imperfect image of love

Maybe I am looking for a fairy tale
Living out of reality
I am sure people would question how could I love someone who made me want to give my life for just a conversation with them
I may want true love a little too much
They say that those who have had a dream about it, achieved it; even when others laughed in their faces

I do not care if I play the fool
I am willing to play the fool for you because I believe that we can conquer all
I have tried to hate you
I have tried to forget about you
I end up hurting myself
You're my lifeline
Without you I am dead

I wonder if I am really what you want
Do you really love me
Do you want someone else
Should I listen to others
I have so many questions
I have cried so many tears I wished you kissed away
Cried so many tears I wish I did not have to shed

Maybe I want you so bad I may just have become crazy
But the craziest people have been the most intelligent successful and inventors
I am not ashamed
Pain comes with love
I just want a deep love
A healthy love
A love with you

I listen to the blues and my mind is on you
Love sick
Falling a part

I have an image of  you that you may not even have for yourself
My image sees the greatness behind the harsh words, behind the mask of solidarity you portray
I am a simple woman who doesn't require much I don't need anything but love, smile and a laugh.
I want someone to cry with me and not leave when I show weakness
I believe we have a strength that we have not found
Even if I am wrong I still have faith

Wanting to be someone's everything can tear you apart when you don't feel good enough and when you want them to see your greatness
You cannot make everyone see your light
Just wanted you to see mines

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