Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Truth Hurts

There is no longer anytime to wallow in what could've would've and should've happened
This is a time for those who haven't started educating their children to do so
This is a time to start a movement of economic recession
Support your own and stand for something than reality tv
Learn live out your dreams and stop living in the shadows of others
We were not placed here to wait on handouts
Together we are strong and the only way to do that is to glorify each other and support one another
Stop placing your money in the wrong pockets
Racism and ignorance need to cease
We cant be heard if we are constantly in line for materialistic things but fail to stand in line for a movement to make change
Refusing to educate our children outside of the school systems need to cease
They need to know about the sundown towns, the years of being looked at as we are not human, segregated, spat on, enslaved, and called super predators.
We did not ask to come here an be enslaved and treated as if we weren't made of the same dust and breath as those who are here along with us by the creator.
Stop being content with disappointment and do something other than complain like make a change.
Stop supporting businesses that pay the lobbyist to make laws that turn against us.

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