Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tunnel Vision

I apologize if the tunnel vision I have on my goals discourages you.
However, your criticism encourages me;
It keeps me focused on my journey to freedom;
Living my life and not living through others in the shadows.
I will not make time to gossip about what everyone else is doing meanwhile sitting back earning and achieving nothing.
Why stand still when I can walk forward?
I apologize if my tunnel vision scares you from wanting to encourage me because you don't want to see me move forward successfully.
You'd rather me shop, gossip, and watch reality tv with you instead of be productive.
I thought that we were here to be productive.
Since humans were created we have always been productive, on missions, seeing visions, and focusing on our ambitions.
It seems as though many of us have become lax and wanting handouts and to do nothing more than to receive money for work we have not completed or even lifted a finger for
looking for handouts and feeding those who have a dream with discourage and doubt.

I will not be taken off from my focus even if it means the loss of friends because only on God can I depend to help me reach my goal in the end.

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