Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trickle down

Trickling down my thigh
The wetness from my hive
Thinking about soft sighs and an intimate high
Your skin against mine

Hands moving
Grabbing and pulling the sheets
You’re deep

Deeply penetrating inside
It glides back and forth
Covered in wet silk

Hitting the hilt
Hitting my g spot
I climax

Beads of sweat on my breast across your chest and on our backs
Sweat on my stomach
You place soft kisses there

Grabbing onto my hips
You pull flower forward and indulge
Wrapping your lips around and suckling on the inside
You release the nectar
Grabbing onto your head pushing your face in closer
Screaming out in engages in ecstasy
Pulling your hair
You make it more intense

I release and you’ve relaxed

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