Thursday, August 18, 2016

Relationship Food for Thought

Do not place yourself in the position to play a puppet.
Take ownership of any faults that you may have, correct them and move forward.
Move forward with the attitude of completion or completion and understanding.
Completion being done with the puppet master or completion and understanding where the puppet master is no longer an puppet master and has taken the place of both parties being puppets.
Understanding that no one is in control.

Some of us fall victim to manipulation. Don't allow manipulation! If your torturer cannot become your remedy than let it be. True love survives and lust dies out.

People only do what it is that we have allowed them to do.
Sometimes we have to look at a situation in its totality and understand that we have to take out to power and control mechanism that we often have in our relationships.
We must learn how to get to know the person and love the person.
Understand that eventually the honey moon euphoria will be over and we will be left to see the flaws that we ignored or that did not show as much in the very beginning because we were in the "in love stage" of the relationship.

Can you love after the in love stage is gone?
Do you know how to love the person once the in love stage fades?
Do you know the person you are with?
Are you going to run?
Do you have a friend and confidant in this person?

If you said no to any of these questions the most important question at hand is this are you willing and can you handle committing yourself to having yes to all of these questions?

Everyone has flaws and baggage, but it is about whose flaws and baggage are you are willing to deal with?

There is no perfect relationship there are relationships that look perfect because there are two people there willing to put in the work.

Most of us go to relatives and friends with our hurts and situations and those family and friends will be there to support and they will have there own opinions on what you should and should not do because they have there own expectations for you and no one wants to see their family or close friend hurt but the truth of the matter is that the end result/decision lies in your hands. it is ultimately up to you on whether you deal with the problems and issues that another person has. it is often hard to make a decision when others have their hands in the pot because we end up caring about what another person thinks but others thoughts cannot determine your happiness only you as a person can determine your happiness.

Sometimes we should not allow others into our relationships but it happens.

Relationships today lack the getting to know and the willing to overcome obstacle recipe which is a main ingredient of developing and having a successful relationship.

You can add spices but without the main ingredients there is only water with taste. There is no meat or vegetable to give substance to the body.

Are you spiced water or substance?

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