Thursday, August 11, 2016

Failure Is Should Not Be an Option

Many of us often want to pursue a goal but for some reason never follow through.
When we have goals to better ourselves we should never cease to go forth with it.
Some of us have hidden talents and instead of setting out to experience what we are passionate about we let procrastination set in or fear.
Fear nothing!
Go forth with what it it that you are passionate about. God did not bless you with it for  no reason.
If it is your destiny why not live out your purpose?

Failure occurs when we wait on others to push us, motivate us, and guide us.
Failure happens when we let fear take over and want things to happen over night without realizing that we have to put the work in.

Those who have become successful had patience, passion, drive, ambition, and was willing to put in the work and making sacrifices.

We cannot expect to hang out, sleep all day, talk about it day in and day out, but fail to start working on the goal.

Use every hour that you can in the 24 hour day that we have to succeed!

If you really want it, failure should not be an option!
Talking without action should not take place!

Be better and do better.

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