Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make Change Break the Chains

There is a time in life when we have to take responsibility.
Instead of complaining about the problem try to come together and find a resolution.
We throw stones without looking into our own backyards.
How can we ask for others to respect us when we don't respect ourselves?
Should we love one another? Yes.
Do we love one another? No
There are so many of us who are selling dope to our own people
Killing our own people
Bullying, mistreating, raping, forsaking, segregating, and hating our won people.
How can we march for something that we fail to do.
Those who marched for us fought to remove segregation and bring fourth love.
Today we segregate ourselves, feel as though we arrived, and expect solutions by showing hate.
We cannot win a war by killing another
We cannot win a war with lack of education on the things we wish to achieve
We must learn to love our own stick together and become one voice to deliver one fight

Shackling our brains with materialistic achievement
Wars for blood based on territory
Thinking because we took a life and won a materialistic fight gives that we've achieved glory
We need to do better
I fell sorry for our youth
How can we request freedom when we give it away ?

How can we obtain freedom without voting as our ancestors gave their all to include their lives for us to have that right?
We choose to let our freedom wallow away when we walk around with only negative things to say
Where is your sanity we have know sanctity

Break the chains
Free yourself
Stop chasing dreams and make dreams come true
Stop fighting your brother and focus on the real enemy
Fight for your rights and hurt them where it matters most in the economy
March how our ancestors marched and block the currency that they thrive on to make them hear your cry

We have been ignored because we fail tot hit them where it hurts
We fail to be heard because let the Willie Lynch letter live on until this day

Break the chains
Make a change

Grow positive
Grow stronger
Fight using your mind
Fight preventing their currency to thrive regardless of our pain
Make a sound movement
Make them hear your cry

Think of your children living in this heartless world
Think of the racism, criticism and mistreated continuing from generation to generation if the shackles aren't removed from the mid
This nation was built by slaves without slaves there would be no White House, Capitol, nor any of these government buildings
Without slaves there would have been no crops to harvest
We are beautiful and just as privileged
We have sacrificed many lives
We have constantly been beaten,killed and spat on
Enough is enough break the chains and make a change

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